Do not know where to rent a bike and
where are the best places for two-wheeled trips in Kyiv?
We will show the best routes for cycling, fresh air,
great mood and a lot of other things! 

Park Muromets


Cool place for those who love off-road. The former Park of Peoples’ Friendship is located in the Desnyansky district of Kyiv between the banks of the Dnipro. It has long been the main recreation area for locals who love nature. The park area is more than two hundred hectares, and taking into account the island of Muromets - more than 700 hectares. The park has a water sports, beach and memorial area. In addition, the park has a  water sport club “Extreme Pull” and a cycling club Partyzan, a cafeteria and a restaurant also work there. 



The territory of the National Complex Expocenter
of Ukraine is a successful combination of the beauty
of nature with the benefits of civilization.
Well-groomed parkland with glades, fountains
and lakes is divided by paved paths for a
comfortable and safe ride. The territory
of the exhibition center is so big that here
you can get lost for the whole day. And next to
the complex there is a wonderful track "Health Path",
which leads directly to Goloseevsky Park. 

Dnipro embankment

It offers beautiful views of the Dnipro and you can fully enjoy the nature of the capital. And here is also a monument to the founders of the city of Kyiv: Kyi, Schek, Khoryv and their sister - Lybid. According to legend, it was Kyi who founded the city. 

Trukhanov Island

Suitable for cycling among beginners.
There are no difficult ascents here, but there
are a lot of descents. The track is 5 km.
Trukhanov is one of the most beautiful
and picturesque places in Kyiv.
On the island there is always a large number of cyclists. 

Khreshchatyk Street

The main street of the capital is also a great place for bike rides. But you should take into account several factors - pedestrians and cars. So you should be very careful and attentive while cycling. 

KPI Park

Here you can ride in a circle, the length
of the tracks is 2 km. The tracks here are asphalted,
so you can safely teach children to ride a bike.
There is no transport, there are not so many people,
and riding is quite comfortable and safe. The KPI
park has several points of bike rental. One of them
is located in the KPI hostels area.

Obolonska embankment

One of the most popular places for cycling. There are several points where you can rent bikes. Here you can drive 4 km along good asphalt tracks. While riding a bike here you can see the unfinished part of the "Stalin subway". But it is crowded which can be called on of the minuses of cycling here.



Extreme outdoor complex - great place
for family riding or alone. It is located on
Trukhanov Island, between 2 Kyiv rivers -
Desenka and the Dnipro. Being in an
ecologically clean area, the park gathers
hundreds of visitors every day who can
ot wait to try all the attractions.
And there are really a lot of them. 

Park Feofania

A great place not only for recreation, but also for cycling. Here you can ride among the picturesque landscapes: alleys, lakes, fountains. And you can relax on the benches and in gazebos.