Sweeties cheer up - that's a fact!
And the original desserts, which also inspire,
are a valuable and tasty catch for all the
sweet tooth. In the vastness of the capital
we have found cozy confectioneries where
you will be treated with deadly beautiful cakes,
pancakes and pies in which you will
fall in love with at first sight!

Dessert is traditionally considered to be a dish that is served on the table at the end of the meal. Even the word itself comes from the French "desserrer". Recently we visited the best confectioneries in Kyiv and are ready to tell you where to go first and foremost.

Dessert "Three Milks" at Milk Bar


This place is unambiguously one of the
most popular and visited. And the point is
not at all in a good location, but in high-quality
service and delicious food. As well as the
cozy atmosphere that makes this place one
оf those where you want to return again and again.

Muffin: cream cheese with strawberries and mint in My Muffin


The establishment specializes in cooking of homemade desserts and pastries based on natural fresh products. A feature of “My Muffin” is the fact that the confectionery shop is located directly in the cafe.

"Umka" - homemade ice cream


In “Umka” you can buy natural homemade
ice cream with different tastes (cream, vanilla,
chocolate, nut, tiramisu, coffee, banana, pistachio,
cappuccino, etc.), as well as sorbets with the tastes
of strawberries, kiwi, wild berries,
raspberries, cherries and lemon.

Napoleon cake at MILLY FILLY


This confectionery was created to fulfill the sweetest desires. The main goal is to make your day a holiday, and to make you happier! Milly Filly is addictive, so be careful! Only we have special “Napoleon” and other cakes, pasta and natural marshmallows, unique desserts for vegetarians and vegans. Everyone will find something delicious for themselves!

Cannoli in Lolya


The menu is based on a brand Italian dessert -
cannoli (many remember it in the movie "The Godfather").
Lolya is the first permanent location of the
confectionery Lolya, where an assortment of
sweets and coffee is presented, and orders for the
cooking of author's cakes, Sicilian cannoli,
a rum baba in a jar, sundae bombini,
Napoleons cakes are taken.

Kyiv cake in “Smiyan”


The cafe is small (designed for 12-13 people), but very cozy. The assortment includes a variety of pastries: cakes, eclairs with several flavors, pies, cookies, “makaroni”, croissants, cheesecakes, desserts (tiramisu, panna cotta). Everything is prepared from natural products. For desserts they offer coffee of the Lviv brand Svit Kavy, tea or juice.



Desserts are represented by a huge number of options,
but each can make the atmosphere relaxed,
and the mood - easy and playful!


And Kyiv is a great city where you can
try many of the most airy sweeties!

See even more cool desserts in this video on our YouTube channel!