The exhibition “Forbidden Images”

The exhibition “Forbidden Images”
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Start date: 28.06.2019 10:00
End date: 05.01.2020 22:00
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вулиця Басейна, 1, Київ, Україна

The exhibition “Forbidden Images” is a two-part project of the PinchukArtCentre Research Platform.

The first part is a personal exhibition of Boris Mikhailov, and the second, which is called "Crossing the Border", represents the Kharkiv School of Photography and its impact on a new generation of artists.

Boris Mikhailov's exhibition offers a look at his artistic practice - from photographs of conceptual art and performativity. Mikhailov’s creativity has always been balancing between political and social norms in search of the limits of what the project sees as a forbidden image. The title emphasizes the personal involvement and risks of the artist’s early practice, as well as his keen sense of critical thinking. It is expressed in the image itself, which opens up the possibility for an expanded awareness of reality. The exhibition will emphasize the position of Boris Mikhailov as a leader and thinker.

The second part - “Crossing the Border” - will present a curatorial look at the Kharkiv school of photography, allowing you to understand the context and time. The exhibition will cover the period starting from the Soviet era and continuing after its end.
Both exhibitions examine three main topics that challenge the concept of forbidden images: an image that goes beyond (nude, performative), an "intoxicated with life" image of society (new humanism), an intimate image " courting at night" (bodily romance).

Posted date: 08.10.2019 08:45
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