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Start date: 07.06.2019 11:00
End date: 27.12.2019 23:00
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вулиця Олеся Гончара, 79, Київ, Україна

The first Ukrainian-language Stand-Up Comedy is a new step of the Ukrainian stand-up, fresh breath of stand-up comedy in the native language, in which everyone recognizes himself!

Stand-up is a bold and frank humor about what is happening with us and around us. At the concert, each of those present becomes part of the stand-up comedy. Comedians share with the audience their thoughts and emotions that will not leave anyone indifferent!

First Ukrainian-language Stand Comedy - NEW PROGRAM! !

• IVAN ZHORNOKLEY - Kiev resident with ambitions of a visitor, stand-up comedian, founder and presenter of the Ukrainian Stand-Up Agency. Ivan introduces the stand-up audience and can tell about them what they themselves did not know. 
• MAXIM KRAVETS - a real family expert, a man who has been married for half a year and ten years. His jokes are aimed at domestic problems, relationships with his wife and family. And Maksim Kravets is a finalist of the Comic for a Million project on ICTV, a film actor and screenwriter. 
• Svyatoslav Marchenko - a comedian who can not sit still. He was born in the town of Gorodishche, studied in Cherkassy, lives in Kiev, and is going to die in Paris. He has many speeches at many stand-up venues in the country. In addition, Svyatoslav Marchenko, writes scripts for television humorous projects in Ukraine. 
• VLADIMIR EVCHUK - a man who has grown a beard so as not to carry a passport. Vladimir is also the winner of the project “Make fun of a comedian”, the champion of the Rivne “League of Laughter” 2017 and the author of humorous television projects in Ukraine. 
• SERGEI STEPANYSKO - Master of Ukrainian Philology. A comedian who talks about how his only love lives - MOTHERLAND. Winner of "Laugh comic", a member of the television festival "League of Laughter", the author and participant of humorous projects.

We are waiting for you at the First Ukrainian-language Stand of Comedy from Ivan Zhernokley, Maxim Kravets, Svyatoslav Marchenko, Vladimir Evchuk and Sergey Stepaninsko!

Duration of the program is 1.5 hours. The show program is presented in Ukrainian. It is recommended to persons from 18 years.

After the concert, a festive disco awaits you: 
• Communication with comedians; 
• improvisation; 
• Board games; 
• Dancing; 
• Special menu for the bar and kitchen.

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