World Championship on Medieval Combat 2019

World Championship on Medieval Combat 2019
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Start date: 16.05.2019 10:00
End date: 19.05.2019 22:00
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Kopachiv, Киевская область, Украина

An ambitious sports event will allow participants and fans to be fully engaged the unique atmosphere of medieval times.
The championship will consist of a variety of exciting battles, and among the participants there will be even brave women!
Participants from 29 countries will join the battles; the team from Ukraine will also participate in the competitions.
Over 1000 best fighters will compete in spectacular battles for the title of world champions and turn into true knights and fight in real medieval weapons.
It is interesting to know, that a suit with armor has a weight of 20 kg to 35 kg! And all the armor that the contestants wear must be an exact copy of the one used in the medieval battles.

In "Ancient Kyiv in the Principality" Kievan Rus" not only a sporting spectacle will be waiting for you, but also a great entertainment program - shots from the trebuchet with fireballs, enchanting
fireworks show, horse performances and more! We invite to Kyiv and let’s support our team!

Posted date: 06.05.2019 13:51
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