Concert Anton Zap

Concert Anton Zap
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Start date: 11.08.2018 23:55
End date: 12.08.2018 09:00
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Nyzhnoiurkivska St, 31, Kyiv, Ukraine

Since the release of the first record in 2007, Anton has acquired a reputation as one of the most mysterious and sought-after characters of the Russian electronic scene. His career began in the Moscow club Propaganda, where he resided for seven years. Thanks to his unique creative approach, he quickly became a favorite both among the public and among Western labels.

So his debut EP was released Underground Quality and according to the RA version it was one of the best records ever produced by the label. Since then, he managed to release an impressive amount of EP, both on his own Ethereal Sound and Volking Music, and on other labels, including the EP and the full-length album Water on the sub-label R & S - Apollo. Anton does not like to create excessive noise around himself and does without loud public relations, preferring to spend time in the studio, creating deep, complex and not at all similar musical collages.

Posted date: 02.08.2018 09:42
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