Concert DakhaBrakha

Concert DakhaBrakha
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Start date: 10.11.2018 19:00
End date: 10.11.2018 22:00
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Velyka Vasylkivska Street, 103, Киев, Украина

"DakhaBrakha" - a new word in the history of world music. A project that has no analogues in the world of the power of the idea. Which resonantly represents Ukraine abroad. "DakhaBrakha" was created by Vladimir Troitsky in the walls of the theater "Dakh" in the mid-2000s. Young musicians worked instantly.

Today in their assets there are a huge number of instruments: bass drums, percussion, flute, piano, cello, djembe, accordion, bugai, ukulele, harmonic, kahkon, darbuka, tabla, didgerid. And they can handle all of them with only four pairs of hands. Three girls and a boy make an impressive, powerful ethno-house. 

Posted date: 06.11.2018 11:05
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