Mamahohotala Concert

Mamahohotala Concert
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Start date: 14.10.2018 19:00
End date: 14.10.2018 23:00
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Алея Героев Небесной Сотни, Киев, Украина

Mamahohotala Concert. Three hours of very funny and brave jokes from giants of youth humor.

It’s been since 2012 when a group of people who loved all kinds of humor was completed. Jokes have been accumulating, the team has been increasing. It was necessary to grow further. And the idea of ​​transforming the general enthusiasm into something more was born.

This is how the Mamahohatala studio has appeared and has instantly conquered the Ukrainian audience. Today they represent the 8th season of their humorous show on the NLO TV channel and won the reputation of acknowledged idols of youth.

What is waiting for you?

Non-stop mix of jokes, miniatures and up-to-date performances that you will watch and hear for the first time. It will be mad ... and almost always intelligent!

Posted date: 10.10.2018 20:51
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