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Start date: 25.01.2019 16:00
End date: 25.01.2019 22:00
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улица Большая Васильковская, 5, Киев, Украина

We suggest that you consider the priorities that should be set in the next 2019, at the workshop of Konstantin Koptelov "Business Strategy 2019". We will talk about insights on how to plan flexibly, what should we pay attention to, which trends will be relevant in 2019.

Workshop program: 
- Foreign systems: what is their weakness in our territory? 
- Flexible planning using metrics and metrics 
- What to change in approach to business in 2019? 
- People Work with staff 
- Systems for implementing changes in the company

At the seminar you: 
- Get specific algorithms and tools that can be applied to the company for strategic sessions; 
- get a set of directions and vectors, which should be paid special attention in 2019; 
- master the techniques of flexible strategic planning; 
- Learn to manage the staff in a flexible, and sometimes changing, environment.

The workshop will be interesting: 
- to company owners; 
- Top managers and managers of different levels; 
- Business Development Managers; 
- HR and HR BP.

Konstantin Koptelov is a coach from OKR, PM and Agile, founder of Sverh, MBA, TEDx speaker, mentor of Business Incubators RadarTech. Developed process management in IT companies, startups, agrocompanies and even factories. Has experience in corporations with a staff of 5,000 people. Author of techniques for structuring the chaos of growth in business. Conducts regular lectures and master classes on project management and organization of business processes.

Posted date: 11.01.2019 22:11
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