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Start date: 10.02.2019 19:00
End date: 10.02.2019 21:00
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Mezhyhirska Street, 2, Киев, Украина

Evening of one-act ballets Radu Poklitaru

"Bolero" by Maurice Ravel - the legendary ballet score of the twentieth century, performed by the performers of the troupe "KYIV MODERN-BALET" received a completely unpredictable, bold interpretation, permeated with the controversial spirit of our time.

In the choreographic version of the ingenious work of Radu Poklitar tells about the continuous, schizophic struggle of individuals for the right to own "I", for my "dissimilarity", for freedom against a multi-headed, multi-armored octopus called "the crowd".

"Rain" is a philosophical narrative in the form of a choreographic suite about the fate of people, involuntarily united by one time and space. Ethnic music, and its contrasting music, Johann Sebastian Bach, is like the voices of people who speak different languages...

The creative idea of the play grows out of the idea of musical (embodying the concept of the Radu Poklitaru): human values combine diverse cultures and the mentality of different nations.

The focus of the play - people, feelings, life itself.

During the period of existence of the theater "KYIV MODERN-BALET" 14 single-act and 5 full-length ballets were created. The theater received 5 prizes "Kyiv Pectoral" for the best performances of the year.

The team successfully toured in France, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Romania, China, Thailand, Belarus, Moldova, South Korea, Estonia, Russia and in many cities of Ukraine.

Posted date: 05.02.2019 13:24
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