Courage Night Market India

Courage Night Market India
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Start date: 25.05.2018 16:00
End date: 27.05.2018 23:00
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улица Беломорская, 1, Киев, Украина

When it comes to miracles, in fairy tales they write "3 days and 3 nights". This is how much the most kindly crazy and bright Courage the Bazaar in the year - Courage Night Market India.

Bindi on the forehead at the entrance of everyone, even dogs, dances and photos in saris that can be rented, food with curry, endless rivers of mango lassi and masala tea, Raja in da house, incense and Hare Krishna, weddings under the moon and endless paradise for children. 

Posted date: 07.05.2018 15:56
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