Santa Muerte Carnival

Santa Muerte Carnival
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Start date: 13.07.2018 16:00
End date: 15.07.2018 00:00
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вулиця Біломорська, 1, Kiev, Украина

Santa Muerte Carnival by Ulichnaya Eda - incredibly colorful, ironic and hot, like a Mexican summer.
Music will be intoxicating, fajitos, nachos and "Margarita" - memorable.

We start at 16:00, dance and eat until dawn.

Night action will be completely imbued with the atmosphere of one of the most mysterious and mystical holidays in the world that came to us from Mexico - Santa Muerte. We will not disclose all the secrets, but we can assure that there has not been such a holiday in Ukraine yet.

Posted date: 07.05.2018 14:59
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