Ulichnaya Eda. BBQ

Ulichnaya Eda. BBQ
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Start date: 13.10.2018 10:00
End date: 14.10.2018 23:00
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улица Беломорская, Киев, Украина

Ulichnaya Eda. BBQ

Wings or ribs? Ketchup or mustard? Skewers or grill?

It doesn’t matter. The main thing is to catch the last warm days. We will have a barbecue this weekend, we will bask in the heat of coals, we will cook something nourishing and aromatic together at Ulichnaya Eda. BBQ

In addition to comfort and warm, there will be a place for serious competition at the festival.
Its BBQ championship. Participants are evaluated by 3 categories (depending on the course they cook):
- ribs with BBQ sauce + coleslaw. Smoker is obligatory;
- wings with “Buffalo” sauce;
- barbecue.

Come to the "Art-zavod Platforma" for the perfect city weekend!

Posted date: 10.10.2018 21:20
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