Bicycle Parade girls #KyivCycleChic 2018

Bicycle Parade girls #KyivCycleChic 2018
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Start date: 14.07.2018 15:00
End date: 14.07.2018 20:00
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Volodymyrska Street, 50, Kyiv, Ukraine

What is CycleChic ("bicycle chic"):

This is a bicycle style that exists in opposition to cycling, which reproaches the perception of cycling as such, which requires sportswear and "equipment" and is not available for everyone.

CycleChic focuses on "normal" bicycle riding - people in everyday clothes on ordinary bikes (Citybikes). This movement, designed to rethink the bicycle as a means of transportation, effective, practical and such that facilitates our life.

Let's spread this fashion in Kyiv!

We will show that bicycle rides are possible in clothes for every taste and with any opportunity - you are going to a business lunch, meeting with friends, on a date or even at a theater.

We are happy to invite you to the Bicycle Parade of Girls 2018!

Let's go to leisurely bicycle riding streets of the city, and at the end we will arrange a wonderful summer picnic on the Landscape alley.

At the start and finish we will enjoy incredible jazz!

Posted date: 04.07.2018 10:45
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