Exhibition ‘Maria Prymachenko: From Bolotnia to Paris’

Exhibition ‘Maria Prymachenko: From Bolotnia to Paris’
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Start date: 14.12.2017 19:00
End date: 14.03.2018 19:00
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Moskovska Street 10-b, Kyiv, Kyiv city, Ukraine

December,14 - March 14 the Museum of the Ukrainian Diaspora hosts an exhibition ‘Maria Prymachenko: From Bolotnia to Paris’.

The guests will see Prymachenko’s 14 works (1930-1980's) from the funds of the National Museum of Ukrainian Folk Decorative Arts. Among them are ‘Fantastic Beast’ and ‘Brown Beast’ (1936). For the first time viewers will be able to see 7 paintings to the book published in English and Spanish and distributed abroad. In total, more than 30 works are exhibited, and unique photographs and documentary videos as well.

Posted date: 13.12.2017 10:21
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