White nights vol.6

White nights vol.6
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Start date: 15.06.2018 20:00
End date: 17.06.2018 07:00
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Bilomorska Street, 1, Kyiv, Ukraine

Dance Event White Nights vol.6 will be held June 15-17, 2018 at the art plant Platform.

More than 100 artists of different musical styles on 5 scenes, food court from Ulichnaya Eda, the best bars in Kyiv, light shows, kilowatts of sound, a lot of photoson and kilos of metaphane.

For us, the starry sky is a backwater. And you - the human of the night, which is destined to open it.

Together we patiently wait for the summer to be convinced again: behind the scenes - white-white night. It includes feelings louder, fills the eyes with brilliance and turns us into madmen relying only on music, love and dreams.

Every year behind the scenes - a new show, more and more characters, and still unpredictable and beautiful you.

Nights that you will not forget. Nights of freedom and dances. The nights are brighter than the day!

Posted date: 11.06.2018 08:42
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