Jewish Kyiv

Jews appeared in Kyiv in pre-Christian times. This is not surprising, because it was from the Middle East that civilization came to the Slavic-Russians.

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And the first written document about Kyiv was written exactly in Hebrew in the 10th century.

The Jews have brought the trade, and later became actively involved

in the development of industry and construction of the city.

During a tour through Jewish Kyiv, you will hear the story of a legendary woman who was born in Kyiv

and became a prominent politician of Israel;

find out what tricks Kyiv philanthropists had to perform

in order to build a synagogue for the local Jewish community.

Rosenberg Synagogue on Podol

Who donated money to build the Bessarabka market and why the city wanted to refuse them; under what conditions were created the first Talmud-Tora and Jewish hospital; where did Evbaz disappear – a market where you could get everything from a loaf of bread to a revolver.

We will also remember the dramatic page in history – the tragedy that occurred in Babyn Yar in the autumn of 1941

and visit the museum of the classic of Jewish literature, Sholem Aleichem.

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