The best panoramas in autumn Kyiv

The best panoramas in autumn Kyiv

To wander the autumn streets of Kyiv – it's certainly pleasurable. But it's better to choose proven locations from which a panorama of the city opens.

When you stand on the Castle Hill, a bright yellow-purple Podil appears in front of your eyes that is shrouded with different colors and shades; picturesque houses and endless skies. For the sake of this panorama, it is worth returning to Kyiv again and again!

In the Park of Glory, you can take photos in memory. The leaves that slowly fall to the ground, the gray-blue shades of the sky, a spacious viewing platform near the monument of eternal fire - all will awaken inside you inspiration and a thirst for new achievements. The bell tower of the Lavra and the Candle of Memory will remind you of eternal and invincible – your soul.

When traveling around the city, you can find another interesting place – the Arch of Peoples Friendship, which is located near the European Square. From here you will see a magnificent panorama of autumn Kyiv. The island of Trukhaniv, Podil and the wide Dnipro – that's what you can admire from the height of the bird's eye. Isn’t it tempting?

In autumn, Kyiv is not depressive, because the colors of nature give it a special charm and adjust only to positive thoughts and emotions!

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