is an eternal and invincible feeling. And Kyiv is a city of love and tenderness, you can that in architecture, sculptural monuments, parks and cozy restaurants.

The Eternal Love monument near the Lovers Bridge, the sculpture "Love is the Universe",

the monument dedicated to Pronya Prokopovna and Svirid Golokhvastov,

"Love lanterns", a fountain in the form of zebras in love – this is just a glimpse of all monuments dedicated

to the most beautiful feeling.

love monuments


love story

Make an unforgettable photo-session in the style of love-story at the Bridge of Lovers, in the Shevchenko Park, at the Landscape Alley or even on the rooftop of the Intercontinental Hotel.

Want to surprise your partner?

Invite him or her to one of the many atmospheric restaurants of the capital!

Restaurants & cafes


Romantic parks

Go on a journey through numerous parks of the capital to feel the lite breeze, smell the delicate flower aroma and admire beautiful sceneries.


When your feelings grow into something bigger, and you are ready to get married,

consider a wedding ceremony at one of the amazing Kyiv's locations.

Wedding locations


make a wish

It is never too late to dream! If you sincerely want to make a wish, unique sculptures and places of Kyiv will help your wishes come true!