Must-visit spring events

Must-visit spring events

Spring truly inspire you for new achievements and discoveries. People more often go out of their homes and seek to spend their free time quite actively – in cinema, coffee shops, bowling clubs and other well-known places. But there are such events in Kyiv which every visitor should visit, at least in order to better feel the life of both the capital and its inhabitants.

Starting from the end of February, Ukrainians celebrate Maslyana (in the Ukrainian version of Kolodia) – an ancient Slavic holiday, a symbol of farewell to the cold winter. Large-scale festivities usually take place at the Museum in Pirogove, at VDNH, in the park "Feofaniya", in the Cossack village "Mamaeva Sloboda" and "Kievan Rus Park". The program of events includes ancient thematic ceremonies, competitions in sports games, performances of folk groups and much more. And, of course, regaling with delicious pancakes and dumplings. It will not be sad!

When it is a bit warmer, hundreds of art pysankas are traditionally installed at Sofia Square, since the All-Ukrainian Festival begins. The purpose of the event is to popularize Ukrainian traditions, art and culture. Organizers know how to surprise: over 800 art pysankas were presented on Sofia Square one year. Impressive!

In May, the All-Ukrainian parade of Vyshyvanka – thousands of people from different regions of Ukraine dressed in embroidered shirts are in a vivid procession passing the central streets of the city. At the end of the parade the best women's, men's, children's, traditional and modern embroidery are chosen.

On the last weekend of May, Kyivans celebrate City Day. The festival is accompanied by mass festivities, contests, sports competitions, concerts, and more. The most popular sites on these days are Sofia Square, Shevchenko Park, Victory Park, Truhaniv Island.

Inhale Kyiv spring with full breasts!

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