Kyiv is waiting for you

Traveling around the world and cities of different countries each of us chooses the mean of transport that suits the best.


From europe to Kyiv trains run from the nearest countries, mainly from

Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Belarus. 

Most of the trains of international and interregional connections arrive at the Central Railway Station

(metro station "Vokzalnaya", the red line of the subway), from there you can get to the city center very quickly.

If you don't have heavy luggage, you can walk to the city center.


Tourists from Europe, Asia, or the United States usually choose a plane to get here. Quite a large number of airlines carry out regular and charter flights to the capital of Ukraine, as well as low-costers. There are two modern airports in Kyiv: Boryspil and Kyiv (Zhulyany) from where you can reach the city center or the nearest metro station.

All regional centers of Ukraine, small towns, district centers and even villages are connected with Kyiv by bus routes.

Depending on the distance, length and roads between cities, large buses (like Ecolines)

and smaller size vehicles run on these routes.

Comfortable modern buses run to Kyiv from different countries of Europe:

Holland, Germany, Bulgaria, Poland, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Latvia, Switzerland, etc.


If you are after a low budget vacation and don't like to depend on transport schedule, weather conditions (especially while traveling by air) or other circumstances, you should choose hitchhiking in Kyiv.