Active rest in winter

Active rest in winter

Huge snowy snowdrifts are so attractive to plunge in full height. It is applicable to both adults and children. What to do if there is no steep slides in the closest yard, and you want to have fun?

The ski resort "Vyshgora" is located not far from the Kyiv Sea. Cozy town with lots of trails: for skiers, snowboarders and snowtube owners. You can order sports equipment which ideally fits you. The rest will be comfortable for both professionals and beginners: experienced instructors work on the whole territory of the complex, so there are no reasons to worry!

Protasiv Yar is not so complicated, but no less interesting. You can learn how to stand on mountain skis and snowboard, improve skills and order individual training for the whole family.

Do not be afraid of experiments and extreme holidays! They are created in order to break into to the fullest

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