Where to celebrate the New Year?

Where to celebrate the New Year?

Festive mood and anticipation of beautiful, bright lights and a fluffy green tree, colorful decorations, carousels and champagne – where do the people of Kyiv like to celebrate the New Year?

New Year's Eve on the Sofia and Mikhailivska Square. The festive program consists of performances by folk groups, popular singers and bands. Quite often spend various drawings where you can win a gift for yourself under the Christmas tree.

Theatrical performances being arranged on Kontraktova Square. Christmas fair, jazz and popular music, inflammatory dances - with all these activities you will not notice how it will come on December 31st.

If you like comfort and Ukrainian traditions, visit the Cossack village "Mamaeva Sloboda" – a place called "Pirogove in miniature" because of its similarity to an ethnographic museum in the open air. Here you will not see the banal museum exhibits because all the objects recreate the life and life of the Ukrainian Cossacks.

In addition, city hotels often prepare interesting New Year offers for guests (for example, if you order the New Year's banquet, get a 50% discount on accommodation).

Kyiv is a great option for the New Year's meeting. Celebrate and enjoy life!

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