The park of birds-intellectuals
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crossroads of the streets Olesa Honchara and Velyka Zhytomyrska
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Monday - Sunday: 24-hours
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We go on to look for the city secrets, and this time we invite you to visit the intellectual birds, who live on the 5, Honchara street. The park of the Kyivan intellectuals was created in 2013, the author of the project was again sculptor Konstantin Skrytytsky. This area is different from the typical parks with greenery and benches, because of unusual sculptures of the birds, which symbolize the modern Ukrainian intelligentsia. According to the author's plan, a small bronze sculpture of bird kingfisher is an image of the Kyiv intellectual. The bird wants to hide its head under the wing, as if it’s embarrassed by everything that is happening around. This is like a hint, which means the threat of the disappearance of the intelligentsia as an endangered species. There are four birds and each of them represents its sphere of influence, which becomes clear from the corresponding inscriptions. Let's walk and read all of them: Little sparrow says that "intellectuals have pride”, old raven says "intellectuals remember the past," kingfisher adds that "intelligentsia retains the future" and a wise owl teaches us that "intellectuals bring up the present." Look, behind our "intelligentsia" there is a mural called "Homily of Yaroslav to the sons, 1054". It’s quite difficult to find and recognize Prince Yaroslav the Wise on this picture, but let's try to decipher the hidden message. In the center, the artist Dmitry Fatum draws the hands of Yaroslav the Wise, who gives a ball to his sons. The ball here is a symbol of the future. If you look closely, you can see the figure on his knees, perhaps, Volodymyr, Prince of Novgorod; Another young prince Izyaslav, is depicted in a raincoat. He listens to his father’s instructions, holding the same ball as the symbol of the received information. If you look to the right, you will see the cube "young generation" (separate from the heroes and made in other colors). This symbolizes the lack of confidence that everything will be as it should be. Also you can see on this graffiti brothers Kyi, Schek, Khoryv and their sister Lybid, as a symbol of Kyiv and a wonderful legend about its founders. On the corner of Zhytomyrska and Honchara streets, there is another unusual art object - a huge mosaic, made by Mr. Skrytutskiy again. This mosaics depicts children, outlining contours of a woman's face on a Kyiv map. Some people suppose that f the right bank of the Dnipro river looks like a woman's face in profile when viewed from space (or at least a bird's-eye view). This is a new generation of children, they show others the need to love and care about their city. There are also 10 Commandments of God and the two psalms from the Bible that are designed to protect and support the residents (as well as visitors) of Kyiv in difficult times. By the way, during the day they are not visible, but in the darkness the message is shining bright on the facade.
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