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вулиця Метрологічна, 12в, Київ, Україна, 02000
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Monday - Sunday: 07:00 - 21:00

School is the only place in Kiev, where you can ride apparently any type of bike, including Harley-Davidson, ATVs, sportbike, enduro, motard and more. As well, as get riding skills with fun, regarding to unique author technique, that guarantees 100% result and 100% enjoyment. Founded in 2008 by professional stuntrider Nikolay Respect Stepanenko.

Motoschool located on the racetrack Feofania and combines elements of school, rental and attraction. School provides classes and riding practice for men, women and youngsters from 4 years old. Each guest gets appropriate bike and first-class branded equipment. There is also entertainment for a company of 2-6 people: one hour long off-road journey on ATVs in the woods. Good thing - the wood is right next to the racetrack. 
Guests can choose from 10 motorcycles and 3 ATVs. Bikes are always in perfect working condition, clean, filled with gas and ready to give joy to beginners and experienced riders.

Respect motorcycle school benefits:
UNIQUE BIKES: a wide choice of tuned, high quality bikes allows you to choose the most suitable motorcycle for you. Not a single Chinese model. Plus a stunt-machine, developed and built by Respect Industry;
RESULT GUARANTEE: author's training program is built step by step - from simple to complex, it allows you to become a rider in 5 hours;
COMPLETE SAFETY: intercoms for communication for instructor and rider, emergency remote engine shutdown, first-aid kit and the instructors’ ability to provide it;
BEST EQUIPMENT: we provide riders with a set of TOP-brand equipment.

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