Currency exchange

In any new city or country, one of the first questions that arises is where to exchange currency. In Kyiv this can be done in several ways.


In banks

Typically, the current course is indicated on the exchange rate schedule.

Keep in mind: there is no bank commission when selling foreign currency.

But when buying currency, the bank will charge a fee, which will vary depending on the amount you buy.

Bank Card

When working with a bank terminal, you will withdraw the necessary amount in Ukrainian hryvnias. You can find ATMs in crowded places, as well as in the airport, the central railway station. The advantage of this method – unlike the bank branch, you can withdraw cash for 24 hours, when it's convenient for you.

Private individuals

They often offer their services at the train station, large markets and near metro stations.

Perhaps their exchange rate may seem better,

but there is great risk of getting smaller amount than you were promised or even become the object of scammers.

So be careful – in this case there are no guarantees.

Points of exchange

They have a pretty branched system: separate kiosks and points on the territory of major shopping malls and entertainment centers; in the city center and in the uptown districts, as well as in hotels, train stations and airports.

On the territory of Ukraine 

The ATMs will issue only hryvnias, even if the account is in a foreign bank.