Ukraine is a country with a rich history and unique color. Traveling or relaxing here, you should not look for any modern stylish souvenirs. Preference should be given to traditional gifts in the national style absorbing all the color, kind heart and immense generosity of the Ukrainian people.

That is why today we will talk about the TOP 10 Ukrainian souvenirs.

What to bring to your friends from Kyiv?



The most delicious Ukrainian souvenir!
The best way to eat lard is to make small
sandwiches from rye bread!
It is very tasty and healthy!



Traditional Ukrainian clothes. Many wear it in everyday life because it is a very beautiful outfit. By the way, in spring we celebrate Vyshyvanka Day. It is then that you can see many different types of embroidered shirts called vyshyvanka!



This is a real masterpiece among Ukrainian souvenirs.
Your friends will love it! You can use the decorated
Easter egg as toys for Christmas trees,
as an amulet and much more!



Our rushnyk is a ritual fabric decorated with special symbols and ornaments, each of which has its own meaning. This souvenir has a very ancient history, but people still use it on various holidays. A great souvenir for friends and relatives!

Ukrainian chocolate


Gastronomic Ukrainian souvenirs are
famous not only for bacon, but also for chocolate.
Many different companies
(Lviv chocolate, Roshen)
make these sweets very tasty!



Traditional Ukrainian doll and a very ancient handmade thing. You can also present it as an amulet, which will protect the house from trouble and evil.

Petrikov painting


Another good souvenir from
Ukraine is folk painting. You can buy plates,
spoons, mugs with Petrikov painting.
A colorful and bright gift for friends and relatives.



There are many types of Ukrainian honey. For example, linden or herbal honey. It is also used as a medicine. If you are sick, you can drink tea with honey! Useful and sweet gift!

Carpathian tea


This is a mixture of aromatic and healthy herbs.
For lovers of chatting over a cup of tea —
it is a great souvenir! You can add
Ukrainian honey and chocolate to the gift.
It will be very tasty!

Vodka and nalivka 


Liquor is a traditional Ukrainian berry brandy (nalivka). There are many varieties of this gift. For example, white naliv - apple liquor.



These are the best typical souvenirs to buy in Ukraine! See even more ideas in this video on our Youtube channel!